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The app comes with a very simple and clean UI
   The app comes with a very simple and clean UI

The Windows update fiasco doesn’t seem to come to an end, and after Microsoft pulled the Windows 10 October 2018 Update due to a major bug leading to loss of data, the company is now struggling to fix a cumulative update causing BSODs on certain HP systems.

In the meantime, there are lots of users struggling to fix less critical Windows update issues, including stuck updates that do not seem to download.

A small app called Windows Update Cache Cleaner could lend you a hand when trying to fix the problems, though it’s worth knowing from the very beginning that it’s mostly recommended for developers.

What the app does, and which you easily guess by simply reading its name, is to delete the Windows Update cache, which should essentially let you restart the download process of certain updates.

The same thing can be done manually on a Windows computer, though this obviously involves more steps, like going to the Software Distribution folder and removing all files in the Download folder.

Windows XP support also offered

However, Windows Update Cache Cleaner makes everything a lot simpler with the help of a just basic graphical interface. You can just press clean and the process starts.

Your system needs to be restarted before launching the app, so this way any Windows Update files that were locked can be removed. Cleaning doesn’t take more than a minute, and if no errors are experienced, you should then be able to download Windows updates normally.

Windows Update Cache Cleaner works on all Windows versions out there, including those that are no longer supported, like Windows XP and Windows Vista. It’s also compatible with the recently-released Windows 10 October 2018 Update too.

You can download Windows Update Cache Cleaner from Softpedia using this link, and to make sure that everything works as planned, you should create a backup or a restore point before cleaning your system.

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