Cortana may be moved to Microsoft Office division

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Microsoft is once again preparing some internal changes, and one of the most important concerns digital assistant Cortana.

A report from Petri reveals that rather than being offered as a stand-alone product, Cortana could end up becoming a Microsoft Office member, with Microsoft planning to move the digital assistant to the productivity suite.

This means Cortana could soon become more focused on productivity than on anything else, and the cited source says there’s a chance “Cortana will simply become another tool for Office, rather than its own product.”

While the move could pretty much make Cortana a modern version of Clippy, it looks like the change is mostly the result of the digital assistant not being as successful as the software giant expected it to be.

Microsoft has pushed hard to make Cortana a top service, and in addition to integrating it in products like Windows 10, the company also worked together with a series of device manufacturers on building speakers that are based on this digital assistant.

Part of the Office division

Until now, however, Cortana has failed to gain traction, and Microsoft’s plan now could be “moving away from the platform as being a competitor to Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant,” as Petri notes. This does make sense, especially because Cortana could be substantially more useful in the enterprise, which coincidentally or not, is also the market where it’s the most successful.

However, the future seems to be pretty clear for Cortana. Rather than being offered as a platform itself, it would become a member of the Microsoft Office suite, turning into a digital assistant whose main purpose would be to help people with the productivity tasks.

Whether this is going to work or not still remains to be seen, but for the time being we’re still waiting for some official words from Microsoft to clarify how it envisions the future of its digital assistant.

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